4 Artistic Restaurants in Cle Elum

Who knew that something as simple as food could be considered art? Well, after viewing some of the restaurant picks below, you will surely have a new appreciation for food presentation and art all at the same time!

Orchard Restaurant

Orchard Restaurant believes that dining is meant to be an experience, as such, they focus on being quality farm-to-table. They are centered on a 'from-scratch' kitchen and a no-waste concept. To them, sustainability is key, so they butcher and dry-age whole animals, make their own pastas, bake their own breads, and so forth. The idea of this restaurant came to the mind of Greg Apt, the current owner. Greg's goal is to use the best, local foods and to highlight the skill of his chefs as they create edible artwork. With an open-concept dining space, guests are also welcome to watch the chefs prepare their beautiful food. Located in downtown Cle Elum, you will feel welcome as soon as you step into the Orchard. The place is set up in such a manner as to create a relaxed and intimate vibe no matter what time of day you decide to stop by.

Photo courtesy of Orchard Restaurant

Swiftwater Cellars

With spectacular views of a perfectly landscaped area of cut grass, beautiful pine trees, and magnificent mountains, this is a prime choice for going out to eat or get drinks. Though the primary focus, as the name suggests, is wine, do not be misled into thinking the food is anything but superb. The food is prepared by Chef Taylor Widrig who grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has a special place in his heart for Cle Elum. He has been cooking for many years, starting at the age of fourteen, and is passionate about it. The result? Absolutely amazing food that is cooked with intention and served with love. It is also key to note that the architectural design of Swiftwater Cellars is founded on the historic past of the location and visitors can still see the original Roslyn No. 9 mine shaft and the original pickaxes from it. In addition to this, the place has stone fireplaces from two Montana quarries and very high ceilings to replicate a mine shaft feel. They have something for everyone with a lunch menu, dinner menu, and even a kids menu, and they also boast the option of dining outside. The decadent food is served ornately and will definitely please your eye.

Photo courtesy of Swiftwater Cellars

Cle Elum Coffee & Eats

Modern, dainty, fresh, and bright is a great way to describe Cle Elum Coffee & Eats. With white and light grey paint colors, accented by art pieces and furnished with different types and colors of leather pieces, this place has a vibrant feel to it. In addition to this, it has wonderful natural lighting from the many windows, making sure a customer never feels gloomy. The menu is presented on a chalkboard with beautiful calligraphy style writing and the bakery items are on display by the register. Regardless of whether you order breakfast items (such as avocado toast or a scramble) or lunch items (such as a Ceaser Salad or BLTA) the presentation of the food is Instagram-worthy. Plus, their coffee is amazing, coming from Sorbenots Coffee which is based in Baker City, Oregon.

Photo courtesy of Cle Elum Coffee & Eats

The Stovehouse

The Stovehouse provides a place where the atmosphere is cordial and home cooked-meals alongside wonderful conversations are prioritized, all while acknowledging the rich history and culture of Cle Elum. Due to the fact that Cle Elum was founded by coal miners from around the world, there was a blending of cultures and traditions while interacting with one another was a top priority. When you walk in and see the place, you will truly feel welcome and at ease with wood and stone accents throughout as well as a large wall with windows that open up to magnificent views of nature. There is also a lovely patio with seating that overlooks a creek. The food is elevated American-style and served beautifully. Regardless of whether you come in for just some drinks or food, or both, you are sure to leave delighted!

Photo courtesy of The Stovehouse

Get the most out of your dining experiences and make sure to check out restaurants such as the ones listed above. The chefs pour their all into making the food, the locations are immaculate, and the atmospheres are pleasant. You are bound to leave impressed.


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